Hey Ya’ll

I’m Brittany, mom of three and founder of Everything Baby.

I am a Southern girl, raised on a dairy farm in a small town in Husser, Louisiana.

As a mom of now 3, I have learned quite a few tips an tricks to this whole mommy thing. My mission is to provide you with honest reviews on the top baby products and gear you really need without breaking the bank or buying lots of bad ones to finally find what works.

Sometimes it does not pay to be cheap however.

I created this site to help moms, moms-to-be, dads, dads-to-be from making the same mistakes as I did. I also want to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuff” you need for your new little one.

I am sure you know by now, babies Do Not come with a manual. I remember being pregnant with my first, having all the same questions that you probably do. What do I need? What are the best bottles, bed, strollers and carseat? Of course I wanted the best for my baby, but no means was I rich. Necessity is the mother of invention and in my case mother of good research. I will use my skills to research all the best products so that you don’t have to, and give you an unbiased opinion.

To sum it all up, I have tried to create a site that I would have found extremely useful as a new “clueless” mom-to-be. And for you seasoned moms maybe make things just a little bit easier to cut through all the hype of new products and get right to what really works.

If there is something you would like me to cover and you don’t find it here please email me or leave me a comment.

Thanks so much for you support.

Sincerely, Brittany

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